Our commitment with


Colombia is our home and that’s also why our philosophy involves a strong commitment with its sustainability.

Our principles are directed towards respect for the environment and the local communities

Whenever possible, Chaska Tours work with local suppliers involving the visited communities in its activities, seeking to respect and preserve their customs and traditions through a responsible tourism. We constantly implement actions to give and improve an efficient and clean use of the natural resources minimizing the negative impact of our activities on the environment. Through community-based tourism we want to engage Colombia’s fewer known regions, contributing to produce an additional income for them and looking for the preservation of their natural and social environment. To achieve continuous improvement of the processes, we continuously undertake reviews of internal business processes, respecting human and labor rights.

In this way, we have achieved to get national and international certifications as the Tour Cert seal. We also seek to cooperate and encourage sustainable tourism industry in Colombia, reason why we are founder members of ACOTUR, the Colombian Association of Responsible Tourism and SerConatural, an initiative to protect and encourage nature tourism in the country. We are also members of the Adventure Travel Trade Association, an international organization that seek for transforming people and places through adventure travel.

Our Commitments with Colombia


to cultural heritage

We are committed with preserving and promoting the cultural heritage and traditions of the Colombian communities.

The objective is to stimulate the cultural exchange between foreigners and Colombians with maximum respect to the customs and beliefs of each one.


 to the environment

We are committed to take advantage of and use natural resources responsibly as well as to recycle them whenever possible.

The objective is to minimize the negative impact on the environment both in the agency and throughout the supply chain.


 to the community

We are committed to working with local and regional suppliers, favoring a fair pricing policy.

We involve the local communities in our activities seeking to generate employment and improve the life quality for the natives.


with the protection of our childhood

CHASKA TOURS SAS accepts the Law 679 of the Congress of the Republic and is committed to preventing, avoiding and denouncing the exploitation, storage, use, publication, distribution of images, texts, documents, audiovisual files, use of global information networks or any other link telematic related to child pornography or allusive to the sexuality of minors.

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