Welcome to Colombia, the Latin American corner that has it all: tropical coasts on two oceans, deep jungles in the Amazon and Chocó, three Andean mountain ranges, endless savannas in the west; Snowy mountain peaks, deserts, islands, multicolored rivers and more. This country, a mecca for biodiversity, is also an incredible playground for fans of outdoor activities.

Yes, you will enjoy one of the best coffees in the world, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a delicious variety of fruits from Avocado A to Zapote Z, an extensive catalog of arepas, banana leaves used as Tupperware, crispy ants and more options for the curious and foodies. Of course, there are museums and very interesting cultural sites, paradisiacal beaches, landscapes that will take your breath away … But what will doubtless make your trip an unforgettable life experience, are the Colombians: happy and festive people who do not need An excuse to celebrate and will make you feel welcome and special in every place you visit. Let us share with you our love for this country and show you the best of its nature, its people and its magic!

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