Chaska Family

CHASKA TOURS  is a Colombian tour operator founded in 2005  in San Agustín, Huila, one of Latin-America’s archaeological capitals. We count with operative offices also in Bogotá and Cartagena and offer excursions throughout the country, being recognized for our nature, culture and adventure-focused trip itineraries. 



Our Chaska Family

Our history with Colombia is a history of discovering, respect and love. Travelling and living in Colombia has meant for some of us an unexpected change of our lives. We have found in this wonderful country not just an amazing nature and lovely people, but also a life project. For all of us, Colombia is our home, we love it and we seek to show it like that with our visitors. We invite you to meet us a bit more and to allow us sharing with you our love for Colombia!

Rene Suter

General Manager

Conny Petrat

Sales & Marketing Manager

Nina Schlieper

Representative in Cartagena

David Roa Martín

Product Manager

Rafaja Bertele

Sales Executive

Claudia Ruíz

Operations Manager

Cristina Burbano

Sales Executive

Yudi Adriana Maca

Finances Executive

Zaira Ramírez

Product & Operations Assistant

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